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College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Research

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    Two women in a lab
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    CALS Research
    CALS Research
    CALS Research
    CALS Research
    CALS Research

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is committed to developing and implementing research that addresses society’s needs and expectations. The college focuses on several key research areas:

  • Improving human and animal health and nutrition
  • Enhancing the quality of the environment
  • Reducing the effects of major infectious diseases
  • Developing value-added products
  • Building viable communities
  • Preventing chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes

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For competitive grants

Find experts from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Virginia Cooperative Extension in this easily searchable directory

Outstanding Graduate Students

The college named its 2016 Outstanding master's and Ph.D. students who were recognized for their academic achievements, leadership, and experiences beyond traditional course work.

    Outstanding Grad Students

Agency 229 Report

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Read how Agency 229 is making a positive impact in the homes, classrooms, farms, and communities across Virginia.

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